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Linda Valenzuela

(530) 262-4420

My Training Specialty is Core-based Functional Fitness


Pilates on the Ball - Certified

ACE personal trainer - 2005

ACE group fitness instructor - 2007

Functional Aging Institute Training

Experienced in balance and confidence training with mature adults.

Linda is known as the "Core Queen".  She enjoys teaching groups in her Aqua Aerobics, No-Floor Core and Low-Impact Circuit Training classes at the Wellness Center.  Always on the move, Linda can be found running marathons and hiking the P.C.T. in her spare time.

Linda is a patient and inspiring trainer, by emphasizing proper form and exercise safety while keeping you motivated the whole way!  Whether you're just getting started, starting over again, or recovering from injury, you can boost your metabolism and get in shape fast - schedule a training session with Linda V.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology

Post Bachelor Certification in Kinesiology

ACE personal trainer,
ACSM group fitness.

Angela Towner

(530) 925-1427

donna jackson.jpg
Donna Jackson
(530) 921-6396

Donna Jackson is a Certified Hatha Yoga/Aqua Yoga Teacher & Personal Trainer, Basic WATSU Practitioner and is currently working on Certification as a Wellness Specialist & Yoga Therapist.  

She offers her one-on-one personal yoga & aqua yoga training at the Mountain Fitness Lassen Lane location in Mt. Shasta.

Contact Donna for more info & scheduling